Render Cleaning

Render Cleaning Through Soft Washing

Render is a coating commonly used throughout the UK to create a smooth surface on the outside of a home. This mixture is usually made of lime, water, and an aggregate to create a breathable, flexible covering, but it can become quite dirty over time. Before you contact pressure washing services to get your render clean, read on to learn how soft washing can be a better, more effective way to perform render cleaning.


  • If you don’t perform render cleaning regularly, it can cause the material to fade or become discolored. This material is often affected by things like mold or algae that can stain your home and make it look unsightly.

  • With soft pressure washing services, your render can be cleaned gently while still effectively removing dirt, mold, and other issues without harming the substrate.

  • Soft washing will return your render to its natural color to make it look as if it was just applied or freshly painted. This process will increase both the value and the curb appeal of your home.

  • Most homes and buildings look worse on the north and east sides where there’s less sunlight. That’s because darkness promotes moisture and mold growth, so make sure you inform our pressure washing services team about the areas of your home that will need the most attention.

  • Opt for soft washing to get your render clean, since high-pressure washing can cause serious damage to the surface and potentially remove some of it, causing mold and other debris to get underneath and affect the structure of your home.

  • Any stains that you see on your render can easily be removed through proper soft washing methods. Contact us today if you need render cleaning, and we’ll help to restore your home to look beautiful and as good as new once again.